Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why buy when you can rent?

I just became aware of the concept of renting a wedding cake. You can get a pre-made cake (above) for $150 or design your own for $200. Cut the one layer that is cake and then whisk the foam sculpture back to the kitchen where your real cake pieces are waiting. I think it is hilarious and practical. Here is what had to say about themselves:

Wedding cakes are the center of any wedding party. However, the cost of wedding cakes can skyrocket, also the possibility of falling over during transportation, heat and humidity for the outdoor weddings can be a major concern. We provide a service, where you can rent the beautifully designed centerpiece wedding cake. The main cake is covered with real fondant, however the inside is made of foam and there is small compartment to place a small portion of edible cake for the ceremony. After the couple's 'feeding each other' act, the display cake is taken back into the kitchen and the guests are served regular sheet cakes from the local bakery or wholesale store. After the wedding day, you slide the cake back into its box, drop it off at any UPS store and that's it! As soon as we receive the box, we refund your deposit.

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chaviva said...

Interesting ... that cake is really beautiful, too.