Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Flower List

Since my florist is A. a genius and B. a family friend, we haven't really sat down to discuss what I want or what I need to figure out. As a result, I change my mind about decorations and flowers daily. So here is my mental list of what I may or may not need:

1. 1 Bouquet (whites, subtle pinks, yellows and blues. cool textures)
2. 2 Bridesmaid bouquets (smaller version of The Bouquet)
3. 5 Boutonnieres (one flower, guinea feather and cool textures)
4. 4 Corsages
5. Flowers for the cake
6. 5 large to medium arrangements to place throughout the reception hall
7. Door wreath or something to hang at the entrance

Is this enough? I want flowers to have a large presence, but I want candles and lanterns to be flooding the room. I'd like to pair a lot of candles with something like this:

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