Thursday, June 26, 2008

Waiting to change

I keep hearing how time consuming it is to change your name. Since I can't bring myself to think about this quite yet (I have 107 days still), I'll just re-post Brooklyn Bride's thoughts on the topic and come back to this later:

I took off work last Monday to change my name at the Social Security Office and the DMV and all I can say is...what the heck did I agree to? In NYC, not sure about other states, to change your SS#, you can either mail your original SS card, your original marriage license, the change form, and any other original paperwork you need, or else you come in and do it. For me, mailing all that important info was just not an option, so I opted to go in. All I can say ladies, is just be prepared to wait and do your homework..find out if your local office actually does the new cards or not (the one by me apparently does not and I had to go elsewhere), and make sure you have all your paperwork or else they are not going to help you. Same goes for the DMV....check the website and make sure you have everything because you wait a LOOOOOOONG time, and getting turned away is the WORST.

For my forms, I actually used the MissNowMrs program and was really glad at how easy it was. I was happy to have all the forms in one place...I can only hope with the next version they'll be able to figure out a way to have the program wait in line for me.

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