Saturday, June 7, 2008

Helpful Hints for a Candy Buffet

By A Windy City Wedding

Tip 1: Make sure you buy enough candy.
Nothing puts a damper on a great candy buffet like not having enough candy. A lot of the time the candy display is more about the visual than it is the actual candy. You really want to "go big or go home" on this one, you are trying to make an impact. It is recommended you judge by the eye and not by pounds. The plus to this is most candy will last if you have extra or you can double duty and pass out the candy as favors. You will probably want around 8-12 different types of candies/containers depending on how many guests you are expecting.

Tip 2: Have some sort of theme.
Whether you go with all white, a color that coordinates with your wedding palette or a spread of retro/old timey candies, make sure you have picked a theme. Candy buffets without a specific feel or commonality could end up looking messy. By simply having rhyme and reason to your candy selections will make a huge difference.

Tip 3: Make it POP.
To take a candy buffet to the next level you need the right tools. Most importantly are the containers. You want a variety of shapes and heights to keep the visual interesting. Think apothecary jars, vintage glass, vases (where to buy listed below). Make sure the containers are large enough to fit a scoop for bulk candies. You may also want to decorate containers with ribbon, fabric or paper.

You will want creative signage for you display. You can either attach signs directly to the containers or have stands. Though some of the candies may be obvious as to what flavor they are I think it is a nice to identify them. Some people may not like sour candies and won't know it is sour until it is too late! If you do not want to make a sign for each item at least make a cute sign that let guests know to help themselves and if you are offering take home bags/boxes make them aware of that as well.

Tip 3: Provide an alternative.
Especially if your candy buffet is the only dessert item or favor. Not everyone likes sweets or can eat sweets so you will want to have another option for those guests. Nuts, trail mix, popcorn or sugar free candies are all good options.

Candy: Candy Warehouse, Candy Favorites, Groovy Candies (specializes in retro candies), Custom M&M's, Jelly Belly

Containers: Ikea, Michael's, Ebay, Save On Crafts

Scoops: Scoops Scoops, Wedding Manor

Take home bags/boxes: Papermart, Paper Source (great for stickers/labels), Uline

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