Friday, June 13, 2008

Darn you, Jamie Oliver!

We watch a lot of Food Network in our house. This is normally a great thing. I love peering into the complex, love-able mind of Alton Brown. The creativity on Ace of Cakes is mesmerizing. I was perfectly content with being the observer of all these culinary feats until I sat down one Saturday with Jamie Oliver as he effortlessly created pasta from scratch. It is so easy and so wonderful that without consenting my common sense, I put pasta-making on my list of life goals.

Making pasta from a little flour and 6 eggs can be quick and easy ... with the correct tools. The correct tools obviously being a $300 apple green KitchenAid mixer from Home Depot with the $129.99 pasta roller attachment set.

I am obviously not going to spend $429.99 to achieve this fluffy little life goal, but I just thought I'd share this current obsession with the world in hopes that a long, lost, wealthy, generous relative is looking for the PERFECT wedding gift.

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