Saturday, June 7, 2008

Putting it out there

23 things to do before I am 24

1. Sew something I love
2 Read two non fiction books
3 Read two new fiction authors
4 Create a great inspiration wall
5 Visit a museum
6 Set up a workspace
7 Take Ben to Arugula
8 Begin a photography project
9 Finish a set of dewey decimal cards
10 Surprise Ben
11 Create an inspiration blog
12 Assemble a photo album
13 Get a dresser
14 Make my own cereal
15 Go antiquing
16 Find new music
17 Drink tea from leaves
18 Go to the statue of liberty
19 Run a mile without stopping
20 Make john his werewolf
21Do Pilates for real
22 Frame new art
23 Make a wedding hair appointment

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