Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ruby red lips

My fiance hates the taste, smell and feel of any and all lipsticks, balms and glosses. To avoid the "Ewwwww! What do you have on your lips?!?!" reaction, I've stopped wearing anything at all. Until yesterday, I didn't think there was a product out there that I could wear to look girly and get a kiss. This was a problem, because I want both on my wedding day.

Then, I discovered the lip stain. Lip stains have no texture, no shine, no smell, no taste -- just color. Score!

I tested one at Sephora and it was fiance approved! I wasn't willing to slap down the $24 just then, so I went looking for under $20 lip stain options.left to right:
Aerie Kiss $9.50 flushed (berry red) .07 oz

Stainiac $14 Beauty Queen (berry pink) .3 oz

Lip Envy $17 Greedy (berry) .29 oz

Sheer Wash $19 Sheer emotion .3 oz

Just Bitten $11.50 Blood Orange 135 .1 oz

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chaviva said...

I've never heard of such things ... color me enlightened :D