Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Two Scents

With the temperature being 102 degrees outside and about 95 degrees in our apartment, we have been devising ways to spend a lot of time for little money in other people's air-conditioning. So far we have invited ourselves over to friends houses, gone to the gym and chatted with the front security guard, leisurely grocery shopped, ate at the 24-hour diner (though that ended up being pricey), read at the Borders bookstore and walked around the mall.

Out of new ideas, we hit the mall for the second time, but this time with a goal to find a new summer-y perfume/cologne. I love my Burberry London but it just seems too heavy for summer. While we were sniffing, I began placing different scents in different types of weddings. Here are my completely untrained opinions followed by descriptions from Sephora:

A. Ralph Loren Romance Eau Fraiche
This scent makes me think of a light, but elegant summer evening.
"Lush, playful water lily and lotus breezes sparkle with the elegant florals of romance to create a light fragrance."

B. Mark Jacobs Basil
This perfume seemed very down-to-earth and would work in any setting. It's not too fancy or too casual. This is tied with the Burberry Brit for my favorite.
"The aromatic woody fragrance opens with savory basil brightened with top notes of tomato leaf and lemongrass, enhanced with a heart of freesia, jasmine, and orange flower. The dry down is a warm embrace of cashmeran, white musk and sandalwood."

C. Armani Diamonds
Ignoring any imagery of Beyonce, this made me think of the classic fairytale wedding, complete with tiaras, bow ties and a flowing gown. It just seems like a classic feminine scent.
"This surprising and decadent fragrance is based on the traditional symbol of femininity, the rose, but is twisted with luscious, edible notes to create a truly desirable combination."

D. Burberry Brit
Apparently, I am a Burberry brand loyalist. I loved this scent for being light and sweet without being girl-y and overwhelming. I considered buying this on the spot, but the more I think about the Marc Jacobs Basil, the less sure I am about that urge.
"Fresh and playful, the fragrance is a classic, green-oriental blend of lush fruits, sweet nutty essences, and soothing amber, vanilla and Tonka bean."

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