Thursday, April 30, 2009

ohhh, fun

This is an amazing project by Color Me Katie.

Here's the process as she tells it on her blog...

Do you ever wonder if your shadow is playing tricks on you behind your back?

I mean, it could be, right? It's always walking behind you so you never know what's going on back there!

The past couple of weeks I've been tracing Matty and I onto large rolls of black paper. I then cut them out into fun shadow people, and taped them onto the walls and sidewalks all around Brooklyn. I then waited for people to walk by and took a picture at the exact moment they matched up with their silly shadow.

This makes me want to go to Brooklyn and look for shadows!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i want to fill my closet with these

This amazing Hangerpak was created by Steve Haslip. Here's what he has to say:

The concept was fairly simple: I buy t-shirts online and they always come wrinkled and I always run out of coat-hangers. So I designed a sustainable, reusable way to send and keep your t-shirts. As you open the package you create a coat hanger. The packaging could be made from recycled material whether it is card or plastic and the only waste is the green tear-away tab.


table time

After three years, I'm finally getting around to really decorating the front room of our house. Two weekends ago we got a great deal on some woven, natural fiber rugs from Pottery Barn, so I'm in decorating mode.

The front "room" is really two rooms. And I'm designating one as an informal "formal" dining room. I've had tables on my mind, but I don't know exactly what I want. We have a beachy/chic country cottage theme going on throughout the house, but I'm not sure I want a white table. Here's a roundup of a few I'm contemplating.

I know, this is white and maybe a little too formal, but I think it's so sweet.

Pottery Barn, Harvest Dining Table, $699.00-$999.00

This table has a lot of character. It's so interesting and could be a great conversation piece. It's really a piece of artwork. It also has the not white, last forever thing going for it.

Autoban, Starfish (can be bought at DIGS), $4,745.00

These two are super adorable. I love the drawer on the red table. The green one is such a great color and smaller.

Cottage Home, Plank Top Farmhouse Tables, $985.00 and $745.00

Decisions, decisions!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

there's never enough time

I'm having a mild freak out. With roughly two weeks to go until I'm done with my masters, I'm realizing I need more time!

I figured I might as well embrace the ticking in my head over at T (the New York Times magazine). They have a "clock watching" feature up. Here's a taste of what they're watching.

I'm loving the orange one. The jumbled numbers really represent my feelings about time right now.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kat, Martin and Connecticut

I had the pleasure of knowing Kat and Martin from their courtship, engagement and wedding. Because of these two people, I experienced the magic of living in Connecticut.

I think it is perfect that their engagement and wedding photos reflect their love for each other, but also the beauty of where they live.

I miss all three of you!

{wedding photos by Discover Photo}


Someone like us!

Thank you to Lake Jane for the shout out!

There are three reasons I enjoy reading the Lake Jane blog.
1. Based in Montreal. Very cool.
2. Her posts are about a mix of weddings, decoration, quotes, design and fashion. Just what I am looking for.
3. At the top she says, "A blog for the curious at heart, girly-girls, procrastinators, nail biters and eternal dreamers," which, let's face it, describes me exactly.


Stunning Max Wagner engagement photos

My favorite engagements photos are ones that are a just great photography in themselves and then happen to have a cute, loving couple in them. For example, these photos of Lizzie and Matt by the amazing Max Wagner.

Lizzie writes on her blog, Design Watcher, "We just got a sampling our engagement photos back yesterday! It was so fun spending the day with Max Wanger and his fiance Margaux who was also taking snaps. They are the coolest! Looking at the photos just reminded me how fun of a day it was to wander around downtown L.A."


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Perfect first dance song

I just heard a song that I think is the perfect first dance song. It is "Lucky" by Jason Mraz. It is sweet, has a nice beat, and isn't too long so the self-conscious dancer wouldn't be in the spotlight too long.

And if that isn't short enough, I recommend our first dance song, "The way I am," by Ingrid Michaelson.

Mmmmm, nice memories.


Getting up and running

We have been working hard on our website, preparing for our launch on May first. Heather and Ben (my husband and secret weapon) have been doing an amazing job organizing and coding everything. I can't wait to show it off to the world!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More of our designs

I wanted to share that another bride put her Quite Like It invitations into the mail! These were done with FSC approved recycled paper and matching envelopes. There are little flecks of color throughout. I love it!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Galaxy Pass 100 sandals, Christian Louboutin (via Net-A-Porter)


Monday, April 20, 2009

hatch show print

I went to hear Jim Sherraden of Hatch Show Print speak at an event on Friday night. It was a great event and I really want to take a road trip to Nashville to check out the shop. In the meantime, I'll just drool over their posters.

Hatch Cats
Standard Ice Cream
Two Corn Dogs

I'm especially fond of these two. They might show up in my house.

Measurement Poster

Friday, April 17, 2009

virtual shopping

If you haven't heard of Polyvore, you're missing out. Go there right now! You can shop around online and put together a virtual outfit!

I'm one of those shoppers who takes a shirt from Store A and a belt from Store B into Store C (that has awesome jeans) so I can try everything on together. (It's really the only way to tell). But now I don't have to. I can do it at Polyvore.

Here's the outfit I put together. I admit it's pretty Marc by Marc Jacobs heavy. (What's a girl to do? I love Marc!)

Dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs Mairead dot sundress
Belt: Dorothy Perkins Coral straw elastic waist belt
Earrings: Top Shop Shell Hoop Earrings
Necklace: Marc by Marc Jacobs Daisy Bauble Watch Necklace
(I have been wanting this for awhile)
Bracelets: Dorothy Perkins - Multirow Bracelet Set
(to match the belt)
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik (doh!)
Sunglasses: Chloe Myrte sunglasses
Bag: Chloe Astoria bowling bag (Choe's good too!)
Drink: Starbucks - I'm sure it's a Grande White Chocolate Mocha with whole milk and whip


Thursday, April 16, 2009

looking for inspiration

I'm working on the table items for a wedding (seating cards, table numbers, program, etc.) and went looking for inspiration today. I came across several cute ideas for table numbers.

I saw this one over at Style Me Pretty. Very cute. I like the idea of holding the number up with some kind of fruit.

This idea is being featured in a Tuxedo Inspiration section at Martha Stewart Weddings. What a creative idea. Those bottles could be full, you know. Kill two birds with one stone.

How awesome would it be to number your tables with cocktail napkins! If every napkin on a table had the same number I'm pretty sure everyone would catch the drift. These ones are from Butterfly & Company.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Top wedding gown trends for 2010

Coco+Kelly has this great breakdown of trends for wedding dresses. I love the dramatic details.

"One last post on the 2010 Spring Bridal fashions...The most predictable trends for bridal this year - the use of grey+silver and the continued one-shoulder style - were definitely apparent...

Hey, I didn't say they were done well. Honestly, I do love grey, but I'm not sure I could do this for a wedding dress! Maybe for a winter wedding? Are any of you planning on a grey dress? I'd love to see the one you've chosen, because I'm just not buying these styles. I think it would be better off saved for the bridesmaids. (ramona keveza and vera wang)

I really do love the assymetrical neckline, but many of the dresses I saw in this season's collections were a bit casual. I did like these two - the first one being a subtle take on the trend (and quite a flattering shape too!) and the second a strong yet classic goddess dress. (angel sanchez and lela rose)

On top of these trends were a few specific looks I had to include in the wrap up...

Two perfect options for the beach bride - one full of fun frilly texture, and the other a simple flowy number. I adore both! Notice how they're each sporting long necklaces to further the casual style? (melissa sweet and carolina herrera)

I really loved the structured architectural detail in these dresses by Ramona Keveza. Certainly not a style for every bride - the fabric also makes it a bit more intense and formal - but the effect is strong and stunning.

The deco bride - sexy and dramatic. No way my curvy frame could pull these off, which may be why I love them. I can throw them out of my own option pile, but I'd love to see someone else rock it! (jenny packham and carolina herrera)"


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

mail's here

Last week I got one of Quite Like It's first invites in the mail. I was so excited! Check us out... And if you (or anyone you know) is in the market for wedding (or any other kind of) invites keep us in mind. Email for more info/examples. We'll be launching our web site on May 1!


Monday, April 13, 2009

my finds

We headed down to Myrtle Beach this past weekend to escape the cold, rainy weather. I found an adorable shop, Beach House Furniture & Interiors, where I picked up a few beachy items for one of the rooms in our house.

I truly loved everything in the store and could have bought the entire place, but the husband stopped me. The one thing I opted to leave behind that I'm kicking myself for was an orange and white striped picture frame. C'est la vie... Here's what I did come home with:

Cute little wicker crab (the husband's pick of the day)
Stellar magazine stand
Serving tray (I won't be serving from it)