Friday, April 17, 2009

virtual shopping

If you haven't heard of Polyvore, you're missing out. Go there right now! You can shop around online and put together a virtual outfit!

I'm one of those shoppers who takes a shirt from Store A and a belt from Store B into Store C (that has awesome jeans) so I can try everything on together. (It's really the only way to tell). But now I don't have to. I can do it at Polyvore.

Here's the outfit I put together. I admit it's pretty Marc by Marc Jacobs heavy. (What's a girl to do? I love Marc!)

Dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs Mairead dot sundress
Belt: Dorothy Perkins Coral straw elastic waist belt
Earrings: Top Shop Shell Hoop Earrings
Necklace: Marc by Marc Jacobs Daisy Bauble Watch Necklace
(I have been wanting this for awhile)
Bracelets: Dorothy Perkins - Multirow Bracelet Set
(to match the belt)
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik (doh!)
Sunglasses: Chloe Myrte sunglasses
Bag: Chloe Astoria bowling bag (Choe's good too!)
Drink: Starbucks - I'm sure it's a Grande White Chocolate Mocha with whole milk and whip



Mer said...

oh yes, I <3 Marc!!!

Anonymous said...


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