Wednesday, April 29, 2009

table time

After three years, I'm finally getting around to really decorating the front room of our house. Two weekends ago we got a great deal on some woven, natural fiber rugs from Pottery Barn, so I'm in decorating mode.

The front "room" is really two rooms. And I'm designating one as an informal "formal" dining room. I've had tables on my mind, but I don't know exactly what I want. We have a beachy/chic country cottage theme going on throughout the house, but I'm not sure I want a white table. Here's a roundup of a few I'm contemplating.

I know, this is white and maybe a little too formal, but I think it's so sweet.

Pottery Barn, Harvest Dining Table, $699.00-$999.00

This table has a lot of character. It's so interesting and could be a great conversation piece. It's really a piece of artwork. It also has the not white, last forever thing going for it.

Autoban, Starfish (can be bought at DIGS), $4,745.00

These two are super adorable. I love the drawer on the red table. The green one is such a great color and smaller.

Cottage Home, Plank Top Farmhouse Tables, $985.00 and $745.00

Decisions, decisions!


Jenni said...

loving the Plank Top Farmhouse tables – then maybe get chairs to go with it in a neutral color.

Anonymous said...

I say buy the white one! You can always do other less expensive design elements in bold colors.