Thursday, April 16, 2009

looking for inspiration

I'm working on the table items for a wedding (seating cards, table numbers, program, etc.) and went looking for inspiration today. I came across several cute ideas for table numbers.

I saw this one over at Style Me Pretty. Very cute. I like the idea of holding the number up with some kind of fruit.

This idea is being featured in a Tuxedo Inspiration section at Martha Stewart Weddings. What a creative idea. Those bottles could be full, you know. Kill two birds with one stone.

How awesome would it be to number your tables with cocktail napkins! If every napkin on a table had the same number I'm pretty sure everyone would catch the drift. These ones are from Butterfly & Company.


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Mer said...

matt and i went around our neighborhood (and some other places) and took photos of numbers and made them into place cards! i love a DIY project! take a look -