Monday, January 12, 2009

beautiful brown

I always wanted a brown room (at some point back in the day I must have seen one on Trading Spaces) so when we bought our house almost three years ago I HAD to paint one room brown. Because of the flow of our house our bedroom was the best option. Since painting the room I haven't done much to it. I hung a shelf, brought in two bed-side tables and called it good while I tried to decorate the rest of the house. Lately I've been itching to create a pretty, romantic room that actually has furniture! I don't have the energy or time to repaint the room, so the design needs to work with the brown.

I'm thinking white wrought iron post bed sort of thing. And today I found a perfect addition to my brown walls over at Thuss Farrell Design. Their pattern designs are so lovely. Why, oh why can't they make wallpaper out of them? I'm making it my goal to make something like this happen to my brown walls. Even if it means breaking out the paint!


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chaviva said...

Wallpaper is a pain in the tuches, though! Stencils are pretty good ... but time consuming, yes. Oh what to do!?