Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 Buzzwords

The New York Times presents the buzzwords of 2008, with nice typographic illustrations by Jessica Hische. Here is a little taste:

Caribou Barbie

A nickname for the former vice-presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska.


President-elect Barack Obama’s name continues to provoke an avalanche of one-offs and nonce terms, some of dubious utility and few of great lifespan. Variations on “Obamination” and “Obamanation” are common, with the first term largely being used in a negative sense and the second in a positive one. More were catalogued by the online magazine Slate, which created an application for Facebook and published a book of the terms called “Obamamania! The English Language, Barackafied.” A sample of other forms include Bamelot, Baraccoli, Baracked, Barackintosh, Baracklamation, Barackstar, Barackupied, Barackwurst, Nobama, Obamacam, Obamacize, Obamafy, Obamalicious, Obamalujah, Obamamatopoeia, Obamamentum, Obamanos, Obamaphoria, Obamarama, Obamascope, Obamatopia, Obamatose, Obamazon.


A person who is frugal but fashionable.


A vacation from work or school that does not involve traveling.

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