Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Love of the Irish

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I found this gem over at *Style Me Pretty* and just had to share.  I'd heard of handfasting, but this is a beautiful explanation of the tradition.  Even if you don't have Irish roots, I think this would be a lovely candidate for something to add to your wedding ceremony.

"A handfasting ceremony is an ancient marriage ritual made popular in Ireland and Scotland during the Early Christian period. This symbolic lashing together of the couple’s hands is the origin of the familiar expression, “tying the knot.” Today, a handfasting ceremony is a beautiful and unique way to represent your union and honor your heritage.  The ritual takes place during the ceremony, before the rings are exchanged.
1. Pick ribbons and ropes of varying textures and materials that match the colors of your wedding. If you can, add in pieces that have special significance, like the trim from your grandmother’s wedding gown, or shoelaces from the groom’s ancient pair of chucks. Jewels or gold chains can also be included to add a little bling.
2. Once you’ve collected your materials cut them all to about the same length. 36” – 48” should do the trick.
3. During the ceremony, have the officiant introduce the concept of handfasting so your guests can appreciate its history and significance.
4. Gather the ribbons together neatly and keep them that way while binding, so you end up with a clean, tidy look.
5. Stand facing each other and cross your arms in front of your bodies. Now, hold your partner’s hands so that together your arms create a figure-eight, or the symbol for infinity.
6. While the officiant speaks have someone important to you, maybe your best man or maid of honor, take the ribbon and tie it around your wrists and through your hands to bind the two of you together. Have them finish with a visible knot. Protip: practice this at the rehearsal as it’s kind of tricky!
7. At this point the officiant can say a prayer or you can recite your vows while your hands are tied together.
8. After the ceremony, be sure to keep the ribbons! Find a creative use for them such as a tie for around your guestbook or photo album…"


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