Monday, August 24, 2009

I chopped it all off.

This is how it always goes. I grow out my hair as long as I can and then I chop it short. This way I can only go to the salon about three times a year so the disappointment is kept at a minimum. I always go in thinking my hair will look new and fun and come out disappointed that I look exactly the same. NOT THIS TIME!

I had the greatest stylist, Laura, at Garbos, who totally understood what I was going for and made it happen. Finally, after years of searching, I think I have found my hair person!

I hope now people will stop asking me what grade I am in.



Chaviva said...

I LOVE IT! WOW!!! I wish I could see it LIVE. I'm jealous. I want new, fun hair :)

Heather said...


Natalie said...

LOVE IT! I wish I was as brave as you. I'm too scared to chop all mine off. ;)