Thursday, August 27, 2009

Countdown to the big show: 2

(photo by Alyssa Schukar)

We fell in love with the DIY project over at Merriment Design and HAD to try it for ourselves. Raw edged fabric, bold colors, graphic shapes and sewing on paper ... what could be better?! I must say, this project is not for the impatient, but the end result looks great!

Bonus: Win free bridal shower invitations! We put together a bridal shower gift basket to be raffled off at the show on Sunday. Here is a sneak peek at what you can win:


Kathy @ said...

What a fun variation of my invites! Thanks so much for letting me know about them fun to see them ...and best of luck at your show!

Maguro said...

these are gorgeous! can you share where you bought your fabric and/or who the designer is? thanks. :)

Heather Winkel said...

we actually picked this fabric up at jo-ann fabrics on sale! any fabric with nice sized flowers on a plain background will do.

we're working on a similar invitation now and we've opted to design our own fabric and get it printed. we were working with very specific colors that we just couldn't find anywhere else.

hope this helps!