Monday, February 16, 2009

in prada heaven

This weekend Josh and I headed to the outlets so I could spend some of my Christmas giftcards. It was one of my best shopping trips to date!

First I found this amazing Burberry coat at the Burberry Outlet. I got it for $216.00. Its "outlet" retail price is $1,025.00. I was ecstatic with the deal (especially since I had a giftcard!) and had dubbed it one of my best buys of all time until I walked into the Barney's Coop.

At Bareney's Josh saw the most beautiful pair of purple Prada shoes. Prada is typically SO out of my price range. But these were an unbelievable deal and out of two pairs left at the store, one was my size. It was fate! The original "coop" price was almost $600.00 They were marked down to $260.00 and they were SEVENTY PERCENT off of $260.00. I paid only 68 BUCKS for these beautiful shoes! This is now my best buy to date.


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