Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy birthday, hubbie!

Saturday, my husband Ben turns 27. To celebrate, we will be sitting for 13+ hours in a theater watching all the Best Picture nominees! I haven't seen any of the five movies, so I ran out and bought tickets from AMC theaters. I wonder which one will be my pick to win ...

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: I'm not a huge Brad Pitt fan and I hear it is really long, but I love a good heart-wrenching love story.

Frost/Nixon: History AND journalism! I'm expecting to like this one.
Milk: I knew nothing about Harvey Milk until I read about this movie. It sounds like a great story that I feel I should have known about before now.

The Reader: Love reading, love Kate Winslet, I'm expecting this to be my favorite movie out of the bunch.
Slumdog Millionaire: For a while I couldn't go anywhere without hearing people raving about this movie. Please, let it live up to the hype!


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melanie said...

Ooh. I thought about doing that but I've already seen two of the five. Have a fun time and I hope you enjoy Slumdog!