Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide: Heather's Picks

Time is running out and the holidays are upon us! Instead of a fancy holiday guide broken down by gender, price points or age, we're just giving you two guides covering everyone and every budget. My picks today, Annie's tomorrow.

So, without further ado, my list... Enjoy and happy shopping!

1. Custom Silhouette Mugs, $65; 2. Mac Slaps, $8-$14; 3. Graeters Ice Cream, $60-$80; 4. Anchors Away Money Clip, $48; 5. Poppy Fields Ring, $95; 6. Printed Vintage Hankies, $28; 7. Honeycomb Pillow Cover, $44; 8. Coffee Mug Cozie, $20; 9. Wine Bottle Candelabra, $20; 10. 3-D Drawing Pad, $10; 11. Floor Antenna Clock, $123

If nothing here suits you, try a gift from Quite Like It!


1 comment:

Mer said...

I see your wine bottle candelabra and raise you one CORK MENORAH!