Monday, October 12, 2009

Our first anniversary



Sunday was Ben and my first wedding anniversary. What I didn't realize at the time of ordering or eating the wedding cake was that the first layer was reserved for us to eat ... one year later.

The photographer caught the top tier being removed and whisked away to my mother's freezer. This week, my mom returned it to us and we made an event out of eating it. Much less moist, but that cream cheese frosting is ALWAYS good.

Woo hoo one year!



Mer said...

oooh congrats! i have to eat my one year old cake next month :P

Natalie said...


We didn't save any of our cake (we didn't even really get to eat any of our cake, it was gone so fast!), but Gerda's sells our cake on a regular basis, so we'll just celebrate our 1-year there. :)