Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ring a ding

I saw these fabulous rings by byAMT on The Dieline.

These acrylic rings are only $12 each, making them the perfect solution if you're looking for something really creative but not $$$.

Available for women...

AND men.

byAMT also makes a "Ring A Day" pack for $140. From the byAMT website: "Bored with your baubles? Need an instant fashion pick-me-up? The Ring a Day is for you. Simply pop a pre-cut ring from a stainless sheet, polish rough edges with the included hand file, and voilá! The sheet itself makes great wall art once all the rings have been removed, or can be worn as a necklace. Just attach a chain to the piece."

Love them all!
(thanks for the heads up, Jenni)


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Filipa said...

Great post! Design lovers get inspired! See it with your own eyes, it’s amazing!