Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I thought this was a cool project posted on DesignSponge. This technique would be great for creating a still-life centerpiece for reception tables. DIY, green AND chic!

this is the last installment in the paint projects. over the years of apartment dwelling, i have amassed a fairly large collection of house paints, some of which i’ve hardly used. i decided to create some quick “objet d’art” with a few random knick knacks lying around. this is an easy way to create a little sculpture collection out of thrift shop finds; dipping them all in the same color can create a unified statement. or if you want them to be more functional, you can fill them with sand or rocks and use them as paperwieghts or bookends. happy crafting! -kate

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what you’ll need:
1. objects (wood and plastics work best)
2. can of interior latex paint (semi gloss or matte is good, not high gloss)
3. plastic bag or saran wrap for a drying surface
4. hair dryer
5. pliers
6. clear sealant spray (look for this at craft stores or hardware stores)
7. putty or spackle (optional)
8. exacto blade (optional)
9. sand (optional)

1. if you are just dipping the item, skip to step 5.

2. if want your item to be filled with something and it doesn’t have a hole, cut out a small hole that you can pour the sand through with an exacto blade (the object needs to be made of something you can cut and be hollow for you to do this).

3. fill the item with sand and turn upside down. fill in the hole with putty or spackle. keep it turned upside down while the spackle dries.

4. make sure the sand will not fall out when you turn it back over.

5. mix your can of paint to make sure it is even.

6. grip the item from the best dipping point with the pliers. i dipped all of mine bottom first so the paint can drip off the bottom.


7. dip the item completely until the top is submerged, then pull back out and hold over the can. let the excess paint drip off for a long time. you can jiggle it a little to get more paint to come off. keep holding it and let the drips keep falling until there are barely any drips left.

8. place item bottom down onto a piece of plastic or a flattened zip lock bag.

6. let dry for at least 24 hours, occasionally blowing it with a hair dryer on low for several minutes. after the top is dry to the touch, move the item carefully to a clean spot on the plastic and continue to let it dry.

7. when the item is completely dry, spray it with an even coat of sealant. let the sealant dry for a few hours.


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