Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wedding day weather forecast

Lets talk about the weather, shall we?

Forecasters be darned, there is no way to predict if there will be rain at your wedding. A month out, I started checking the predictions and I was promised dry and sunny. A week out, I began to watch the news obsessively to see the forecast. On Monday there was a chance of rain for Saturday but by Wednesday they said the storm would move to Sunday. Feeling safe, I stopped watching the weather.

Saturday morning it rained and I mentally cursed all time and effort I had put into watching the weather. The rain soon stopped and we had a lovely, overcast, cool day. The clouds blocked my sunset ceremony but I am thankful that we were still able to hold it outside ... since our back-up plan probably was not feasible.

In short, have a back-up plan that you love just as much as the idea of having an outdoor wedding. Wedding photos with umbrellas are always stunning, it's just not very pleasant to be standing under one as your fancy shoes slowly sink into the mud.

{photo from jenniferechols.wordpress.com}

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